The Problem With NASA

See: Astronauts to Inspect Space Station Joints in Spacewalk I don’t think they should be smoking marijuana on the space station at all. Call me a prude if you will, but I have to draw the line somewhere. That said, are the laws the same once you leave the planet? If an astronaut kills another … Read more

We Like The Moon (and Perigee!)

Tonight, the full moon is also the Perigee Moon — which means it’s actually at it’s closest point to us. Here in northern Michigan, we have a beautiful clear night as well, so the view is spectacular. In celebration of the Full, Perigee moon, I give you the Spongemonkey’s rendition of, “We Like the Moon.” … Read more

If I Were a Star

A literal star I mean. I would want to be a brown dwarf. They just look cool, what with their eerie glowingness and all. If I couldn’t be a brown dwarf, I would want to be a star large enough to go supernova, because I think that’d be fun. I’d also want to be large … Read more

Are You Awake?

If you’re awake, and it’s Sunday night (the 12th of August, or if it’s already past midnight, the 13th), GO OUTSIDE AND LOOK UP!!! The Perseid meteor shower is going on right over your head! Ok, in all fairness, it’s largely better in the Northern Hemisphere, but it’s worth a look regardless. The peak will … Read more

I Made It Around the Sun Again

Well, that’s 32 times now I’ve flown around the Sun. Relatively speaking, I’ve traveled 18,380,173,760 miles, which means I could have flown to Pluto and back, then taken a quick jaunt back to Uranus for souvenirs. I still would have made it back in time to blow out candles this afternoon. Of course, for that … Read more

Bright Stars

Last night, I found myself driving home after dark with our youngest daughter. Going for a ride in Daddy’s truck is a special treat, and apart from the loud exhaust, rusty body, and non-existent shocks, I can understand why. My old truck rocks. It’s a stick shift, and Daddy drives it kinda rough — great … Read more

Let’s plan a vacation!!!

It just doesn’t get any cooler than this! Scientists found a planet in the “sweet spot” that would support liquid water! It’s 20.5 light years away, but has an estimated average temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit. I’m so excited about this kind of stuff!

Incoming Subspace Signal

OK, I’m waaaay too proud of this ringtone, but I made it from television show clips, and think it is awesome. It’s an MP3 (Razr Compatible) file of the Enterprise computer from TNG saying, “Incoming subspace signal…” I’ve gotten so many comments from people about it, that I wanted to put it here for everyone … Read more