Losing Weight

It’s very difficult. However, both Donna and I really need to lose weight. I need to lose about 40 pounds, and Donna needs to lose some too. (I’m not going to say how much she wants to lose — I’m transparent, but I’m not stupid) Donna paid for a month at the local “gym”, which … Read more

Shawn’s Beef Stroganoff Recipe

I tweeted about my world famous beef stroganoff, and got a few requests for the recipe. The cool part is that the recipe is DEAD SIMPLE. And it always pleases. I got the original recipe from my Mom, I’m just a little more picky about the process. Here goes: 1 Bag wide egg noodles (whole … Read more

Review: 2006 Layer Cake Primitivo

I’m not a wine pro by any stretch of the imagination, but this wine was something I just had to review. It’s weird. The back of the bottle explains the name, “Layer Cake” by saying good wine should be like a layer cake. There should be a layer of chocolate, a layer of fruit, and … Read more

I Didn’t Buckle

This is like a nicotine patch for Coke drinkers, but without the nicotine. So, I guess that means it’s like a pointless sticker that resembles a nicotine patch. At the very least the Coke company could make caffeine free Coke Zero — which would probably taste fairly good. Sadly, I’m not the guy they turn … Read more

Burnt Coffee

With all apologies to my friends from the Pacific Northwest — y’all burn your beans. I have tried, over and over, to enjoy dark roasted coffee. I love that they call dark roast coffee “gourmet” coffee. What the heck?!?! If you cook your bread until it’s black, that’s called burnt toast. If your pancakes are … Read more

Computer Generated Coupon Problems

Our local grocery store has a machine that prints coupons for you as you check out. It bases the particular coupons on the things you buy, and has a fairly good track record of choosing appropriate products. I just went to the store to pick something up for dinner for the kids. Our purchases were: … Read more